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Year(s) Link Description Part REMARKS
1957 transition
Bangkok to Holland to England to Canada 3 pages THAILAND, HOLLAND,
1957 Sep.15, 1957 Montreal, McGill University, Maps page 1 CANADA
1957 September Montreal, McGill, Black Watch, Mercantile Bank, Foyn, McGill Outing Club
page 2 CANADA
1957 Oct.1957 malaria, hospital, finances, Thanksgivings, MOC, Shawbridge, rock climbing
page 3 CANADA
1957 Nov., Dec. Mount Royal, Janine Blum, Toby Hamilton, Christmas, Thai taxes, matron's kindness, skis, social director MOC, hitchhiking to Sault St.Mary and Bloomington, page 4 CANADA, USA
1958 Spring Winter in Montreal, Adirondacks, Lydia Neubuck, Natural Stone Bridge and Caves page 5 CANADA, USA
1958 Feb./May Surveying courses, Cyrus Eaton, 3 Bros Brenciaglia, Graham Scholarship, St. Gabriel de Brandon Surveying Fieldcourse page 6 CANADA
1958 June, July Natural Stone Bridge and Caves, Pottersville, New York- Adirondacks page 7 USA
1958 end of July NSBC, John Steel, Montreal hot page 8 USA
1958 early August hitchhiking to the Pacific: Quebec Ontario page9 CANADA
1958 August 6,7 Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Burt and Betty page 10 CANADA
1958 August 8 Alberta: Calgary, Banff, black bears page 11 CANADA
1958 August 8-11 British Columbia: Big Bend, Copper Mountain, Vancouver, Brian and Peggy Smith page 12 CANADA
1958 August 12/13 Capilano Park, BC page 13 CANADA
1958 August 13 BC: roofjob on my birthday ! page 14 CANADA
1958 August 15/31 Manning Park, BC: surveying job on scenic highway under construction page 15 CANADA
1958 Aug.15-Sep.10 Manning Park: surveying, controlled burning, drilling page 16 CANADA
1958 Sep.10 end of surveying job for B.C. Forestry Service, malaria attack again page 17 CANADA
1958 Sep.16-19 Spokane,WA to Montreal,Que, 2,638 miles in one ride with Rocco Dino, Toastmaster/Conman, page 18 CANADA
1958 dates description page 19 CANADA
1958 dates description page 20 CANADA
1958 dates description page 21 CANADA
1958 dates description page 22 CANADA
1958 dates description page 23 CANADA
1958 dates description page 24 CANADA

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