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Year(s) Link Description Part REMARKS
1957 transition
Bangkok to Holland to England to Canada 3 pages THAILAND, HOLLAND,
1957 Sep.15, 1957 Montreal, McGill University, Maps page 1 CANADA
1957 September Montreal, McGill, Black Watch, Mercantile Bank, Foyn, McGill Outing Club
page 2 CANADA
1957 Oct.1957 malaria, hospital, finances, Thanksgivings, MOC, Shawbridge, rock climbing
page 3 CANADA
1957 Nov., Dec. Mount Royal, Janine Blum, Toby Hamilton, Christmas, Thai taxes, matron's kindness, skis, social director MOC, hitchhiking to Sault St.Mary and Bloomington, page 4 CANADA, USA
1958 Spring Winter in Montreal, Adirondacks, Lydia Neubuck, Natural Stone Bridge and Caves page 5 CANADA, USA
1958 Feb./May Surveying courses, Cyrus Eaton, 3 Bros Brenciaglia, Graham Scholarship, St. Gabriel de Brandon Surveying Fieldcourse page 6 CANADA
1958 June, July Natural Stone Bridge and Caves, Pottersville, New York- Adirondacks page 7 USA
1958 end of July NSBC, John Steel, Montreal hot page 8 USA
1958 early August hitchhiking to the Pacific: Quebec Ontario page9 CANADA
1958 August 6,7 Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Burt and Betty page 10 CANADA
1958 August 8 Alberta: Calgary, Banff, black bears page 11 CANADA
1958 August 8-11 British Columbia: Big Bend, Copper Mountain, Vancouver, Brian and Peggy Smith page 12 CANADA
1958 August 12/13 Capilano Park, BC page 13 CANADA
1958 August 13 BC: roofjob on my birthday ! page 14 CANADA
1958 August 15/31 Manning Park, BC: surveying job on scenic highway under construction page 15 CANADA
1958 Aug.15-Sep.10 Manning Park: surveying, controlled burning, drilling page 16 CANADA
1958 Sep.10 end of surveying job for B.C. Forestry Service, malaria attack again page 17 CANADA
1958 Sep.16-19 Spokane,WA to Montreal,Que, 2,638 miles in one ride with Rocco Dino, Toastmaster/Conman, page 18 USA

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