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1964 Jan.
1 - 3
Wrights, "Debchick", to Capetown again, Mount Nelson Hotel, Rita, Seapoint 20
1964 Jan.
4 - 5
geologist PNG at CDM; Benota/o; "Diamantkus" departs for Chamais Bay; visit R.V. "Conrad"; Hoyts 21
1964 Jan.
6 - 7
"Sparker" survey, Tudor, John Mills, Richard Shumway, Roger Revelle, looking for room, Tulbach, Mrs. van Zijl, Pieter van Zijl 22
1964 Jan.
8 - 13
Sparker, arrival Erik Stephansen; Grant Hotel, Beach Prospecting Project, Rosemarie Bradley, Navigators Den, Dr.David Smith's buffet party 23
1964 Jan.
14 - 15
Arrival Bascoms with Mr. Brown of Anglo American; Red Lion; seismic sledge hammer; Dr. Waters, Mr. Borchers, Benota, Sammy Collins, Joe Wright, Desmond O'Shea 24
1964 Jan.
16 - 17
University of Capetown, Geology Department, Drs. Fuller and Simpson; Muizenberg beach test of seismic sledge hammer; 25
1964 Jan 17 Dr. David Smith 'big' party: messrs.Thiessen, Dunmuir, Sammy Collins, Brown, Drs. Eric Simpson, Britt Brock et al. 26
1964 Jan.
17 - 23
Miller's Bay dive, Mr.Brown re currents,Ekman current meter; Rosemarie off to Windhoek 27
1964 Jan. 24 Current crosses;Bascom. Erik's CDM job; AlecCousin and Piper Cup; Anglo's geologists Bout and Biesheuvel 28
1964 Jan.
25 - 26
Flight to Walvis Bay along coast; photo of"The Wreck";the Bascoms await "Rockeater" 29
1964 Jan.
27 - 31
Walvis Bay; depart on "Xhosa Coast",rough; Alpine Geophysical crew; dolphins,current measurements; chess 30
1964 Feb.
1 - 6
"Xhosa Coast" cruise, Northern Concession ("Tidal"): Sparker records, chess, current measurements;"Rockeater" arrives in Walvis Bay; Luderitz: Anglo "Yacht"; party 31
1964 Feb.
7 - 14
Luderitz, poor dive, mail, Desmond Hugo; sail along CDM to south of Orange River, current measurements; (later joint paper re:
" Offshore Sediments and Valleys off the Orange River)
;Port Nolloth, drive to Capetown
1964 Feb. 14
and ??
extra day
Capetown, visit Captain Herbert Cook on board of "Rockeater"; Diving Club party: Dave, Janet, Joe Wrigh, Jim Guest, John Wormser, van der Houten, Margareth 33
1964 Feb.
15 - 17
visit Captain Cook, Brigida, False Bay; ADK report, Dick Ladd, Dr.Fuller, portable geo-lab (container) idea; Diving Club, Val Harting 34
1964 Feb.
21 - 24
reports, orders, specs; Chris Chait; meetings with various girls preceding departure aboard "Xhosa Coast"; met Collins' geologist Francois Hoffman; ran Sparker lines and made current measurements; SCUBA dive, gullies 35
1964 Feb.
25 - 28
"Xhosa Coast" runs "long" lines, Sea lions. Hoyt radioes to stay at sea 2 more days; dives with UWTV : Joe Wright missing, search, radio for help: plane arrives 36
1964 Feb. 29
- Mar2
Fishing boat with rescue divers arrive; very poor visibility; give up diving search, sail with fishing boat to Doring Bay, drive on to Capetown. Camping trip to Stellenbosch, Strand, Gordon Bay, Cape Hangklip; we hired Pete Lamming; to Lamberts Bay and Clan William 37
1964 Mar.
3 - 5
Piketberg with Chris, Dunn Castle; with Des O'Shea to "Rockeater" for geo-lab; arrival new geologist Robin Harveyand Mr. Nesbitt re plant; the Harveys, Chris and Diving Club 38
1964 Mar.
6 -13
Harvey and Des re geo-lab; Maxi van Dijk; quarrel re geo-lab; return of "Xhosa Coast", geo-party at Harvey's; search for apartment with Chris who bought new VW; Piet van Zijl; Dave geo-party incl. Dr. Britt Brock 39
1964 Mar.
14 - 18
Chris re job and apartment, "Rockeater" geo-lab continued; letter Rose re birth of our son Dan on Mar 10; accident with VW; Wijnberg 40

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