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Year(s) Link Description Part REMARKS
1958 Fall hectic coursework, social activities, girls, fraternities : no page 19 CANADA
1958 Nov.20 weekend "Spur of the moment" trip to Ken Davis' cottage page 20 CANADA
1958/9 Winter Cold, long, skiing, Ice Festival page 21 CANADA
1958 Christmas Toronto, Granite Club, Moh's hardness scale, Indiana page 22 CANADA, USA
1959 Spring Potter, Paul Golightly, women, preparations re summer field school and job page 23 CANADA
1959 May Philip Jones, Philipsburg page 24 CANADA, USA
1959 May Geology Summer Fieldschool, Philipsburg, Schindler, Golightly, Pratignjo page 25 CANADA, USA
1959 Summer Bathurst, NB, geochemical survey, Consolidated Zinc, John Moss, Bill Karis, George Walsh page 26 CANADA
, 1959 Aug.2-3 New Brunswick, Nick Wong, Lambretta scooter, Moncton, Blackville, UNB Frederickton, Cape Tormentine page 27 CANADA
1959 Aug.3-4, Prince Edward Island, Port Borden, Rustico, accident, Hunter River page 28 CANADA
1959 Aug.4-6, ferry PEI-NB, Moncton, bore, New Glasgow and Sydney, NS, ferry NS-NFld Port aux Basques page 29 CANADA
1959 Aug.6 Newfoundland, Corner Brook, Deer Lake, Grand Falls page 30 CANADA
1959 Aug.7-8 Newfoundland, Bishop Falls, Gander, Garnish Bay, Fortune, "Spencer 2" page 31 CANADA
1959 Aug.8 Newfoundland, ferry to St.Pierre and Miquelon, Basque dancing, Kathy Corcoran page 32 CANADA, FRANCE (sic!)
1959 Aug.9 St. Pierre, church, walk, soccer game, cemetery, British dance, Mr. Spencer page 33 FRANCE
1959 Aug. 10 Saint Pierre, goodbyes, flight to Sydney, NS; links to history, (Dutch) treaties, stamps, photographs of SPM page 34 FRANCE
1959 Aug.10-11 Sydney, NS hitchhike through New Brunswick to Bathurst, Kay Corcoran, Elsie Coughlan page 35 CANADA
1959 Fall Apartment on Park Avenue, Ken Davis, National Ballet of Canada, Juni & John engaged page 36 CANADA
1959 Fall, Winter Voyageurs, Duplicating Service, Chancellor Powell, Gov.Gen.Vanier page 37 CANADA
1959 Christmas Ken, Lorna and Janet, Toronto, Quebec page 38 CANADA
1959/60 acad.year Dr.Cyril James, termpapers, courses and applications page 39 CANADA
1960 Spring Jay sisters, Dorothy Pocock, Kay Corcoran, WHOI, Drs. Fye,Bowen,Hersey and Houghton (MIT), jeep page 40 CANADA, USA

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