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1963 August 14/18 The Netherlands: Amstelveen; Willard Bascom invitation; Mack and Peter Todd, The Hague, Madurodam, Angela Lopes Cardozo, Lopes Cardozo, Scheveningen, Jan van As, Stelpstras, van der Kams, sjoelbak, poffertjes, Hempenius, Kuipers 49 EUROPE, The Netherlands
North Sea
1963 August 19 The Netherlands Hellevoetsluis, EXPO Deltaworks, Delta Plan 1971, Nablo, diadromous fish passage 50 EUROPE, The Netherlands
North Sea
1963 August 20 Den Briel, Historical Museum, the Oostdam, climbing St. Catherine Tower 51 EUROPE, The Netherlands
North Sea
1963 August 20 (cont) Kinderdijk, windmills, "tong" Hollandse Yssel stormbarrier; Thanks, Tom Vervaat! 52 EUROPE, The Netherlands
North Sea
1963 August 21-27 Frans van Oudheusden, Rijswijk; to Hans and Carla in Groningen; Theo & Adri Pol, Zeerijp; Sneek, Afsluitdijk; Rose sick, Kleyn;s Dinner; Amsterdam by bike: Aunt Mary & Len, Mrs van Benthum, Oom Piet & Tante Martha; culture gap 53 EUROPE, The Netherlands
North Sea
1963 August 28-31 Theo de Boer; Rose's birthday, Hoek van Holland, ferry to Harwich, England; Cynthia and Charles Cockburn, Celia, Gatwick; flight to Iceland 54 EUROPE, The Netherlands, England , Iceland
North Sea
1963 Sep 1 - 2 Iceland, Greenland, New York; Rose to SLC, I to OCean Science, Washington: Larry Brundred, interview with Willard Bascom; Francois Lampietti, Erik Stephansen; fly on to SLC, met Rose's Dad 55 EUROPE, Iceland, Greenland, America
1963 Sept.3 - 30 SLC Rose's family; La Jolla, Soutars, Ricky Grigg, Herb Veeh, Bruno d'Anglejean, Ted Foster; Inman, Shepard, Goldberg, McGowan; arr. and dept.Rose; rewrite Coral Reef Report 56 USA
1963 Oct.1 - 10 SIO registration, drawings and rewrite; Wendell Gayman; typing final report; tel. to BascomL report to Long Beach ASAP; packing; depart for Long Beach: 2003 Note re SIO Centennial: Inman and Goldberg still there!. 57 USA

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