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Year(s) Link-Title Description Page REMARKS
1960 May, June Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), Dr. John Zeigler, grainsizes, Cape Cod spit drilling, current crosses, Jan Hahn; Piet Hein,departure CHAIN 13 1 USA
1960 June "CHAIN 13", Bermuda, Debbie Butterfield, Bahamas, Aries, Earl Hayes, Mid Atlantic Ridge, Clyde Lister, heatflow, UW photographs 2 BERMUDA, BAHAMAS, ATLANTIC OCEAN
1960 July "CHAIN 13", Scientific Crew, BLO as winch operator, Rockall, George Erlanger 3 ATLANTIC, ROCKALL
1960 July, August "CHAIN 13", Baltic, Kronstad, sill, pollution, UNEP Regional Seas, Helsinki Convention 4 ATLANTIC, BALTIC, DENMARK
1960 July "CHAIN 13", Baltic, Vikings, Hanseatic League, Note on "Environment" 5 BALTIC
1960 August 1 Helsinki, XII Congress of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, Tuzo Wilson, THE Pettijohn 6 BALTIC, FINLAND
1960 August Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amstelveen, Holland, Underwater Hunters, Rijkswaterstaat, SCUBA, Katwijk, the Zeiglers and my Mother 7 FINLAND, DENMARK, HOLLAND
1960 August Katwijk, North Sea dive, turbid, Dave Owen 8 NORTH SEA, HOLLAND
1960 August Rijkswaterstaat, John Zeigler, sightseeing, Veere, Brugge, Joost Terwindt, Dutch Delta Plan, Het Schrijverke, 9 HOLLAND, ZEELAND, BELGIUM
1960 August 31 Ronny, Rudi and Helga, departure by KLM for Paris, the Louvre and the banks of the river Seine, fossils, MATS, Dave Ericson, Globorotalia and Ice Ages, Lamont 10 HOLLAND, FRANCE
1960 September 1 arrival by MATS at McGuire AFB, NJ, Boston, WHOI, expense account, Richard Field, Harry Hess, Vening Meinesz, with DP by jeep across the USA to Salt Lake City 11 USA
1960 September 13-14 Bryce and Zion Canyons, Las Vegas, California 12 USA

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