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Year(s) Link-Title Description Page REMARKS
1961-1962 1961-62 Seafloor Spreading, The Ocean of Truth, Menard, Dietz-Hess priority controversy 26 USA, GLOBAL
1961-1962 1961-62 Menard: Fracture Zones, Mendocino fault, transform faults 27 USA, GLOBAL
1961-1962 1961-62 Some Geology Around 1960: Kuenen, Menard, Hess, Raitt: Layers 1,2 and 3 28 USA, GLOBAL
1961-1962 1961-62 Mantle Convection, Mid Ocean Ridges or Rises (MORs) and Trenches, Holmes, Vening Meinesz, Hershey PA, Richard Field again 29 USA,
1961-1962 1961-62 Seafloor Spreading, Dietz, Hess, expanding Earth, armchair model, symmetry, offscraping, subduction zones 30 USA
1961-1962 1961-62 third semester:SCUBA dives around La Jolla, SIO Pier, first ocean dive: inhaling water... 31 USA, PACIFIC
1961-1962 1961-62 SCUBA diving: abalone, SIO and La Jolla Submarine Canyons, moray eel encounter 32 USA, PACIFIC
1961-1962 1961-62 third semester : more dives, shark, triggering Turbidity Current (?), squid laying eggs 33 USA, PACIFIC
1962 March HAWAII II, March-June, Shepard, Veeh, Moberly, proposals and appointments at HIG, University of Hawaii 34 USA, PACIFIC
1961 March/April OAHU, McCoy, Campbell, Stice, testing SCUBA, Doak Cox, boat-tests, Hanauma Bay, sediment trap 35 USA, PACIFIC
1962 March/April OAHU 2, Surplus, Horizon Leveling, 40 years of progress,
1962 April OAHU 3, three major changes of following 40 years
OAHU beaches and coasts, projects and links
37 USA
1962 April MAUI, logistics, memories; update:
Maui 2002, links and acknowledgments
38 USA
1962 end of April HAWAII: Main Island, Hilo, tsunami, Captain Cook's Monument, "lavasurfing",
40 years of progress since, Kilauea, growth, Loihi, "Hot Spot", Wilson, OTEC, energy, Craven,
Hawaii Beaches, 2002 update, links and acknowledgments
39 USA
1962 May KAUAI, Kaplan, Philips, Cox Sr., Hanalei Bay, Lumahai Beach, Waimea Canyon composite,
Kauai coast, 2002, update, links, acknowledgments; Kauai North coast, 2002
40 USA
1962 June MOLOKAI: Pali, Kalaupapa, (east): Halawa Valley, 1946 tsunami, barrier reef, fishponds,
(west): Papuhaku Beach mining, MoOomi Beach: aeolian dunes,
Molokai 2002 update, links, acknowledgments
41 USA
1962 June LANAI ; Shepard's Preliminary Report, June 30, 1962; Email update by Herb Veeh, Dec. 15, 2002
42 USA
1962 July/Dec. Back at SIO: Inman versus Shepard; I goof up 43 USA
1962 July/Dec. Lorre Z., Cathy Clarke, anons, Eve; qualifying exam I 44 USA
1962 July/Dec. seismic profiler idea, Bouma, drive to GSA Conference in Houston, New Orleans, LSU 45 USA
1962 late 1962 SIO atmosphere, David Ross, Christmas 46 USA
1962 late 1962 qualifying exam and project proposal expounded;
summary of correspondence
47 USA
1963 January back to Hawaii! Ralph Moberly, Ted Chamberlain, Doak Cox, Hugh Bradner, Gus Furumoto 48 USA
1963 January HORIZON, Hanauma Dive, Rick Grigg, Ralph, Floyd McCoy; La Perouse Bay maps analysis: "Age of Lava Flows on Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii" 49 USA
1963 late Jan. Dick Greenbaum,Marine Advisors, Grigg, Townsley, Ron Church; Doak Cox's accusations and my response 50 USA

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