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1964 Sep.
1 - 6
post nuptials; visits by Mr.Daniels; Kosie, Marie and Rachel; cooking, slides; evaluations; depression; Mr DuPreez and "Night of the Iguana"; Caroussel, coloureds, "hallo" Dave Smith 70
1964 Sep.
7 - 11
Flight to Joburg with Dave Smith; met with Drs Water, Murray, Stocken; "fines" and "coning"; planeload of Stephansens; George and Ollie 71
1964 Sep.
12 - 18
Erlanger and Welz re Hydrofix, break-in,meetings ship-officers and geologists; slides with Stephansens 72
1964 Sep.
19 - 26
Zeekoeivlei: sailfish; Dave's party; Cape Point, Simonstown, Japanese braaivleis, Sammy Collins and "Hoffy"; morning sickness, more sailfish 73
1964 Sep.27
- Oct.2
Cape Hangklip braaivleis, Fynbos, meetings re "Rockeater: and evaluation; "mining factor"; Dutch applicants, auction, R. Bradley 74
1964 Oct.
3 - 7
Rosemarie, beach; Greek dinner with George, Mountain climb, Tannie, "large scale sample", Eric party and problems; Mardesich re drill tests and vibro-corer, Drs Guest and Gaines; DeLeon; Dave vs Jack 75
1964 Oct.
8 - 11
Dr.Wright, Marie, Kosie, Dave, Roy Heath, Dave's party, Rosemarie; Tidal, evaluations, oversize, writing 76
1964 Oc12
12 - 13
Rolly Thompson, morning sickness. Jack, Hareolsd. fly to Luderitz, Klipbok, Dr.Guest, Rockeater, Captain Harris, dredgepump problems 77
1964 Oct.
Unload Klipbok, George Erlanger, Capt. Pierre Leroux, test vibrocorer, Rolly and Willie dive with Eric, one diamond found, Mr. Field, cinematographer 78
1964 Oct.
line 118, test vibrocorer, dive from Klipbok, TV monitor, fines overflow manifold 79
1964 Oct
16 - 18
fine splitter leakages, Rockeater lines 119, 124, 125. 1819; shoreparty problems, isotopes, hydrofix 80
1964 Oct
Rockeater line 117 1/2 reworking Collins' tailings, tested vibrocore, Willie and BLO dive, departure Jack, Harold, Hall and Field 81
1964 Oct
20 - 22
Rockeater Lines 117 1/2, 116; a look into the future; "Klipbok" cruise with Dr. Murray and Mr.Daniel past Possession Island to Luderitz 82
1964 Oct
Luderitz, Katz, Stocken, McGill, Thomas Clark, Keetmanshoop, Fish River Gorge, Alexander Bay, Dohne, Capetown 83
1964 Oct
Tidal, Melkboschstrand, Caroussel, Tidal Proposal, Rockeater VII, McConnaghy, Sichel, Mrs. Taylor, de Graaf, van der Vloodt, Freemasons, Arthur's Seat 84
1964 Nov.
Evaluation, Jo-burg with George Erlanger, Durban Harbor Project, Tidal VP's, Oppenheimer, 44 Main, Oosterweld, Dr. Gane re Anglo Catamaran, Callahan, Thomfort, Grant, Laersens; Sammy Collins- Veedol, Dr. Fuller, Emerson K, Socrates, VEMA cruise, Allan Heydorn, lobsters galore 85

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