A Bundle of Strength
The SHS Group consists of
closely related businesses
that reinforce and
complement one another.
Nature has given Thailand the bounteous gifts of favorable geography and climate to produce agricultural abundance. Chachoengsao Province, our base, has prime crop land, yet is close to Bangkok and has excellent transportation links.

Soon Hua Seng Group (SHS) began processing agricultural products more than 40 year ago. NOw, we have operations not only in Chachoengsao Province, but also in neighboring provinces, such as Prachinburi.

With our long-term perspective and disciplined management strategy, we are a constructive force in every locality where we operate.
The Largest Rice Exporter
SHS operates rice mills with a total capacity of 6,400 tons per day, and our silos contain up to 243,000 tons of rice and paddy. This volume makes us the world's largest rice exporter.
Logistics Competence
Sales of our main products, rice, tapioca, and wood chips, are supported by the Group's fleet of 500 trucks and 120 lighters. Our deep-sea loading terminal with handling facilities for ocean-going vessels and our mid-sea transfer facility can transport 25,000 tons of bulk commodities per day.
Value-Added Products
The parboiled rice mill and a modified starch plant add value to SHS's primary products.