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49 paintings
... 1994,1999

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Rose, Dan and Madeline

Photograph of Mercia and Ben
Mercia for Valentine 1999
Ben Oostdam Jr.

Erika Slaugh-Oostdam
Greg Slaugh
Paul Bernard Slaugh
Alexandra ("Lexa") Slaugh

Jack and Rika Louw, South Africa
Liek Rijks-Deijs


Ambo Tuwo
Nurlin Djuni
Paul Billeter
Rudi and Irene Klerekoper
Erik and Rosemarie Stephansen
The Adams'Wedding
A Tribute to Harry Ashley
The Taska Family c.s.


Caribbean Coastal
...Area Management

Jamaica Environment
...with Rafi Ahmad

Caribbean Natural Hazards
...Unit of Disaster Studies,
...UWIMONA, Jamaica
...(with Rafi Ahmad and
...Andrew Saunders)

Trinidad and Tobago

Columbus Bay, Trinidad


U.S. Virgin Islands


Ben Oostdam's
...1978 Tour of
...Africa, Asia and Oceania

....(under construction)
Indonesia, 1978, Selection Page
Indonesia, 1988, Selection Page
Indonesia Tour, 1999/2000
Holland 2000
Koppies, Franschhoek, South Africa
the Oostdams' 1998 Namibia Tour

Holland: Delta Plan 1971

Local : Conestoga, Millersville, Lancaster County, PA
Pennsylvania Sludge
Draft Report on:
.. lavaflow near La Perouse Bay, Maui"
...June 1963


Environmental Science
...Research Associates

The Marine Science

...early history and
...selected documents

Diamonds from the Sea,

Oceanography Presentation Solanco H.S, Jan.1999>
Presentation about Sinterklaas
... to Conestoga E.S., Dec.5, 2000
Translation of Prikkebeen...
(under construction)
The Strawbale Pavilion

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