We returned from (Gobabis) Namibia to South Africa as two of the first tourists to use the new Trans-Kalahari Highway.
This had certain disadvantages, mainly that accommodations were either not available or not to distaff's liking.
Thus we thundered on and on across the excellent road anxiously trying to avoid herds of cattle.
I had hoped to overnight in Ganzhi, where we arrived at 13:13 on February 24, 1998, but it was said to be full, so we continued and continued, occasionally looking at some dreary hotel which was disapproved so that we drove throught the entire country and night for a total of 1,023 kms till we reached Lobatse at midnight!
Here we found the excellent Hotel Cumberland, where we stayed for two nights .
We used the day in between to visit Gaborone and to backtrack part of the way we came just to see the scenery in daylight...

The map does not show the highway, but does show Ganzhi, fairly close to the Namibian border.
Lobatse is also not shown, but lies close to the South African border about 70 kilometers south of the capital, Gaborone.
I am ashamed to be so late to write these last pages of our Namibia Tour , but attribute this to some power which made me wait till I can now
dedicate this page to the recently elected Miss Universe from ...BOTSWANA!
Our sincere congratulations to the lovely and clever Miss Mpule Kwelagobe !!!
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