In a heavy rainstorm I went to a Bank in Gobabis to get some Botswana currency ("Pula") since they do not accept Namibian $'s in Botswana. After a half an hour wait and several forms, we departed at 09:30 taking a picture of the statue of the bull. Hardly out of town we were flagged down by a white lady who seemed very agitated. But all she wanted us to do is to take a load of biltong (beef jerky) to a gas-station near Buitenpos at the border, for which she offered us some welcome samples of her consignment (makes my mouth water even a year later..).
Our border crossing was easier than we had anticipated, and Mercia slipped some aspirins to a very sick Botswanian who had just been dismissed prematurely from hospital .The scenery in Botswana was not much different from that in Namibia and it was strange in this Kalahari Desert to be hit by several rainstorms.

Cattle all over, feels like India...
but this is near Ganzhi -
which also sounds Indian !

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this charming gas station attendant
in KANG was a MATH major !

One of the most interesting views on that dark night was the light glare of the World's largest diamond mine, Jwaneng (left) which produced over 11 million carats (worth well over a billion US$) in 1996 !

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