Barend van Zyl Oostdam

Barendbigfoot-20040320mm.jpg BarendvanZijlOostdamwithgramma-20040320a.jpg BenJrKTOBVO-20040320o.jpg BenJrKTOBVO-20040320p.jpg
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Ben called at 04:44:
"OK: we're going!"
again at 07:36:
"It's a boy!
8 lbs 13 ozs"

OMA went to visit at the
"Mothers and Babies Hospital"
on her way to work at 10:00,
and Parker and OPA
visited at 16:00,
when KT had her Mother
and her friend
Bonnie as company.
Later Ben dropped by,
the rest can be seen
from the photographs!

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born March 20, 2004
First Day of Spring!
Historic Notes:

  • "Barend" Veldkamp was
    OPA's Division Chief
    at the Royal Netherlands
    Naval Academy.
  • "van Zyl" is OMA's
    Mother's maiden-name
  • This morning,
    Queen Mother Juliana
    of The Netherlands
    died at the age of 94.

    BLO fecit 20040320