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Subject: Comment on
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 13:17:23 GMT
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A comment on

was added to the ben comment realm:

Hello Ben!
I just read part of your WebPages.  I was also
born in the neighbourhood were you were born!
I was born in 1941 in the Marco Polostraat.
You talked, in one of your web pages, about "Het
groene bruggetje".  As a matter of fact I crossed
this little bridge hundreds of times.  The last
time I was there was in October of last year,
after an absence of 16 years, when you too were
in Holland.
Concerning the Admiralengracht, I can vaguely
remember when the canal was at "polderpeil" and
farmers brought their goods, from their
greenhouses, by boat through the canal to the
"Markthallen".  Where the "Postjeskade" met
"de Baarsjes" there was an "overtoom" where the
little boats where lifted from the lower
"polderpeil" to the higher "stadspeil".
Around 1953 brick walls, supported by spars
driven into the ground ("geheid"), were made
along the Admiralengracht and the water level
raised by about 1.80 m to "stadspeil". Met de
vriendelijke groeten,Frans Woons, MNRM
Williams Lake, BC, Canada mailto:

from (Frans Woons)


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