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Subject: Re: Sumatera Website
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 21:26:00
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Hi Jon!

 Thanks for your compliments! I was only in Pekan Baru for one night in a dreary little hotel, but I was not ripped off. Have better memories of the rest of Sumatera. Sorry I did not get to go to the islands, hope to do so another time; you should always leave something for later!

You New Zealanders are quite some travelers and blessed with Indonesia and the Pacific islands so close...but there you are, on the soggy and rainy island of England...perhaps you'd even get a chance to hop across to my native Holland, always good for a couple of weeks...get a railraodpass, a very good deal.

I have a cousin in Wainui-O-Mata who immigrated in the 50's and now has some 26 children and grandchildren,  getting together every Saturday...they all love N.Z., and so did I on my mere two visits there.

All the best!

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>From: "Jon Cooper"
>Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 20:04:48 -0000
>Hi there,
> You don't know me, but I was just looking at your
>Indonesian Website. I think it's really good, and it brought back
>alot of memories for me, because I was there in 1998. Pekan Baru,
>Bukittinggi, Lake Toba, Medan and Bukit Lawang in particular.
> I am curious as to your memories of Pekan Baru. We found it
>comparable to Hell! And we heard alot of stories about people who
>had been ripped off there. Was Poppies Homestay around when you were
>there? That was out little sanctury, and in the guest book there, we
>didnt see mant positive commets about PB at all.
> Did you ever go to Siberut Island? If you haven't, I recomend it.
>Staying with the local Indians if definately an experience we won't
>forget in a hurry.
> OK, I had better go. I look forward to your reply.
> Jon Cooper (From New Zealand, but currently in London)