January, 2004
On Jan 21, my old "ship-mate"
Desmond O'Shea treated me
to lunch at Capetown's magnificent
Victoria and Albert Waterfront
Much has changed in the 40 years since we first met: St. Georges Street was promoted to St Georges MALL
But at the corner still stood
the "Rhodes Building", where we first met
when his father was director of one of De Beer's
subsidiaries, and he himself just joined Anglo-American as a junior geologist.
looking up the Cape Dutch facade of the Rhodes Building
and across to the Chapel
workers beautifying Capetown
also see one of the obligatory photo STOPS
SA_20040121h-CapetownStGeorgeMalllmarket.jpg SA_20040121i-CapetownStGeorgeMalllmarket.jpg SA_20040121j-CapetownStGeorgeMalllmarket.jpg
more views of the colorful displays on St. Georges Mall
SA_20040121k-CapetownStGeorgeMalllmarket.jpg SA_20040121m-CapetownParow.jpg back by train to the suburb of Parow ... SA_20040121n-CapetownParow.jpg
and the extensive Sanlam Centre
close to the railroad which was within easy walking distance from my hosts and in-laws, Sanny and Chris
BLO fecit 20040304 - Chamber of Mines of South Africa - Cecil Rhodes