Driving to and through ETOSHA, Namibia, February 1998

After a splendid breakfast, we left Usakos of the thundering trains at 08:40, Mercia behind the wheel.
We stopped at the First National Bank in Karabib to meet a friend of Mercia's sister-in-law, and we took up
some money: N$ 1,600.-; found out that minimum monthly pension check to a veteran amounts to
just 1/10th of that, viz. N$ 160, say about US$ 32.

We filled up near Omaruru:

Next, we found a SWAPO restaurant, but the picture we took did not come out right...

... so we show an old SWAPO sticker instead:
We pictured a well-named
liquor store in Otjiwarango:
(for a picture of BACCHUS, press here

...and were just in time (12:41)
to catch the scholars crossing the road at Outjo

From then on, the country became flatter, and first also greener; but soon it became the large saltpan it really is :

full of deer, named "SPRINGBOK here!

but also dozens of well-fed zebras
(Mercia wanted to take one zebra-foal
for our grandson Paul
We arrived at the Okaukuejo
rondavels at 2 p.m.

where we took a nap and
processed some of our digital picts

after which we took a swim at 4 p.m.

BLO fecit 26 XI 1998
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