Driving to and through ETOSHA, Namibia, February 1998

That evening, I spent several hours near the water-hole, together with
an ardent Finnish photographer-family and an Aussie traveler who kept
me drinking. On the other side of the fence (below), the most exciting
view was that of three very slow, near-sighted to nearly blind rhinoceroses.
By now, we were so spoiled we did not appreciate the zebras and deer


Should I mention that
it was too dark
to use my camera?

The next day, we drove through
the park and had the good luck
to "run into" a small herd
of life elephants;
we had almost given up
on them, notwithstanding
the dozens of towering
piles of manure
some of them still steaming ....
Much sooner than we expected and after a
mini-panic as to whether we were lost or not,
we arrived at the other end of the park,
Namutoni, where we were supposed to
stay for the night.
It did look too much like the set
of a French Foreign Legion movie,
so we decided to quarrel
about where to go next;
rather than going directly
to Tsumeb, I suggested to go
further north toward
Ovambo-land, and managed
to convince my passenger dear.

And soon, the country became greener again, and instead of mainly deer and zebras we now encountered
dozens of cows who apparently loved to lol on the road..

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