Bathymetry of the Mediterranean Sea

Satellite photo of Vesuvius



Live Cam Recordings of Etna, Vulcano and Stromboli
Sketch Map of Stromboli craters on May 1993 (lavaflow May 18)
Stromboli Home Page, incl. references (mainly in Italian)
Photograph of erupting Stromboli (no further details provided)
1994 Seismic Measurement Campaign on Stromboli
Etna Volcano
Etna, Sicily, Italy (includes updated space shuttle photograph)
Most recent eruption of Etna ---> June 11, 1998
Details on Vesuvius, incl. emergency plans
Vesuvius 2000


The Eastern Coast of Sicily: Historical background (and legends)
Brief History of Syracuse
Excellent series of small maps of Italy, -, political - and historical maps
Italy: General Information
Mad Roman Emperors
All about the Isle of Capri
Map of Naples


Maps of Spain
Cam recorder of Agora, Polytech University, Valencia
Muslim Scientists, Mathematicians and Astronomers: Before European Renaissance, 700 - 1500 C.E.
Photographs of Monuments of Valencia, Spain

Valencia: A Virtual Trip
Numerous excellent links about Spain


The Gibraltar Home Page
History of the Port of Gibraltar


Malta Links by Ben Oostdam


Images related to the Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean Cruises
The Mediterranean Oceanic Data Base
Focus on Mediterranean Civilizations

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