Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

October 7, 2000

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BLO fecit
The small village of Middelburg, Zuid Holland
(not to be confused with its larger namesake in the province of Zeeland)
has been part of the "Gemeente Reeuwijk" since 1855.
The above photos show the church of Reeuwijk in the distance,
as well as the distinct rural character of the village.

Automobile traffic is handicapped by the narrow roads.
Since a nearby Auction requires access by heavy trucks,
plans are underway to build a large highway in this area.

The locals are vehemently opposed to this infringement
("ontsluiting van de polder"),
and show their discontent by numerous signs.
Mainly, they stress the impending damage to wildlife
and changes to the serenity.

Although the "Greens" have considerable political power,
I did not find any discussion of this particular issue
and location on the World Wide Web.
If anyone has more details,
kindly send me a message about it.
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