The Oostdam's

Namibia Tour

February 22/3, 1998

Otjiwarongo and threatening skies

That looks even better than our car...

The famous WATERBERG alooming...
We arrived just in time for a tour by an open type of Unimog which was to ascend Waterberg.
Mercia did not believe that was possible and opted to take our car to the rondavel we rented.

Waterberg Plateau

I joined a crew of 4 Germans and 4 French tourists and we chugged up the steep road. We saw many impalas wildebeest and kudus and a solitary giraffe (left) .
All animals on the plateau have been imported, with the possible exception of the spectacular dung-beattle rolling a ball of said substance which was thrice its size.
Of course, that happened when I had no more film.
The view was spectacular, driving was fun, and we stopped to note the Jurassic three-toe dinosaur footprint. (right).
On the way back we saw a dis-sabled sabledeer, which helped us amplify the European sense of humor.
Just after the unphotographed spectacular sunset, I found Mercia at our rondavel.

I made up for that by taking a shot of the sunrise next morning

we departed early and overtook a flock of Guinea Hens...
BLO fecit 26 I 1999

... probably also on their way to visit nearby calli-phonic "Okakarara"?