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Train from Parow to Simonstown

part 3: Fishhoek to Simonstown v.v

February 4, 2004
SA-20010204zq-traintoSimonstown.jpg SA-20010204zr-traintoSimonstown.jpg SA-20010204zs-traintoSimonstown.jpg SA-20010204zt-traintoSimonstown.jpg
SA-20010204zu-traintoSimonstown.jpg SA-20010204zv-traintoSimonstown.jpg SA-20010204zw-traintoSimonstown.jpg SA-20010204zx-traintoSimonstown.jpg
SA-20010204zy-traintoSimonstown.jpg SA-20010204zz-aatraintoSimonstown.jpg my two missions in Simonstown were:
(1) to have a good
Dutch/Indonesian lunch
with Bob de Decker
(2) to see a R 990K
house-with-Bayview (right)
for Mercia
SA-20010204zz-traintoSimonstown.jpg SA-20010204zza-traintoSimonstown.jpg SA-20010204zzb-traintoSimonstown.jpg SA-20010204zzd-traintoSimonstown.jpg
(right): had a nice chat with Shihaan, a Muslim woman and Mark Anthony, a Christian man
SA-20010204zzza-raintfromSimonstownShihaanandMarkAnthony.jpg SA-20010204zzztraintfromSimonstown.jpg
and took a guided tour with Amanda,(right) a Xhosa woman, from Plumstead through "Lower Cross" Township to Bellvilley

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