Ben Oostdam's


first days in
La Jolla

A moment of contemplation: I started my autobiography when I was almost 49 and thought my life nicely split up in seven-year periods; the title was to be "Seven Square", or 7 x 7 for the uninititated.

Right now, I am 70, or 10 x 7; and I just finished the first 28 years (4 x 7) taking me to the age of 28, in 1960.
Therefore, I am not even half-done, there are still 42 years to be recorded (except for some parts done "before", e.g. Marine Science Consortium, and various travelogues).

Mini panic yesterday: could not find my photoalbum, nor any diary entries, for the period 1960-1963.
I know I maintained a photo-album, although I bought a 3-D camera in Japan in 1961 and have hundreds of 3 D slides, mainly from Hawaii.
Since all my lecture notes from McGill and SIO were taken on 3 x 5 cards (one per lecture) and my diary from 1963-1968 sits in a 3 x 5 drawer, presumably the SIO years would also have to be on 3 x 5 cards and possibly in a 3 x 5 filing box?? Let's go look!!

--NO LUCK YET, so let's start with the story....