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La Jolla

PREFACE - A moment of contemplation: (optional)

I reached San Diego and gave up my ideas about a simple hut. I was bitterly disappointed to see MacDonalds. The approach to La Jolla down the cliffs improved my mood, and I drove on to the village of La Jolla, where I arrived in the early evening. I parked the jeep and walked around. I looked into a fancy Spanish-looking terrace - restaurant, which was filled with diners. At one table, three old ladies pointed to an empty chair, so I joined them. They asked me dozens of questions, and were intrigued to find that I did not know yet where to stay the night.

Georgina O'Reilly
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Why not come to our hotel, the Cabrillo, they are cheap and certainly have a room for you.
In fact, they just rented one to a (left) pretty young British woman (giggles). I followed their advice and rented a cheap room where I stayed for several months until they started to renovate it . . .
and it eventually became the West Wing of the exclusive