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The old ladies in the hotel kept on trying to match me up with the Irish girl, and even got me to take them to Tijuana one night under the pretense that Georgina was going to come along. She did not, and the next morning I asked her for a rain-check, which resulted in a marvelous trip to Tijuana and an ardent love affair to follow. I recall that she happened to live in the room above me and that the plumbing was so poor that I could wrap a message around a chopstick and stick it up along the waterpipes to reach her; memories of Pyramus and Thisbe!
This was too good to last, and, indeed, a few weeks before Christmas she had to go to visit her fiancee in New York; exit Georgina, until (running ahead a bit) the next Christmas, when we met again and she outright invited me to marry her. At that time, I was involved with Barbara - althought that relation started its Christmas fraying - so I said I had to think it over. I did, the relation with Barb ended and on Jan.3, 1962 I drove to G.'s apartment and found out from the janitor that she had gotten married to her fiancee the week before, and now was on her honeymoon. Double whammy...

That fall, we were very much into Baja California. We even spent the weekend of Nov.25/7 with a sailfish on the lagoon near Punta Banda (right) taking bottom samples along a range, using a sextant to shoot the angle at the end of a baseline to obtain the exact sample location (see diagram below, click to enlarge)In 1960, the roads near Punta Banda were horrendous trails, and one night we stopped the jeep because we could not see anything much and overnighted to wake up to a marvelous view down a steep cliff...

Ensenada - - Punta Banda
La Bufadora (blowhole)
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