굴림체굴림굴림돋움 8th side encore (Angkor) country and Cambodia Flag / hoyk / thuk / house It sees Southeast Asia again Writing Pak won wholly lacking director / technique company Flag / hoyk / thuk / house / example / / Gain and loss and the view against January construction market (the open pipe) February pearl of south Pacific Ocean, Philippine Islands Competitive power of March plan nation, Singapore April sliced raw fish kyo shoes model of country, Malaysia Wealthy country and Indonesia of May culture and resources Sinhung industry within limitations from June sightseeing large country thay the country July The Mekong River and hong country and Vietnam under August encore (Angkor) country and Cambodia September isolation in other side opening thin rough road, Laos October it is small most but the kingdom which floated most, it calls but November mainland reversion kind change, Hong Kong and Macao Future of the infra investment for December high tech industry and Taiwan Phnom-Penh and encore It passed to do, ('99) there was an enemy who lives a two days from Cambodia travel hour water service Phnom-Penh. The place where it is a water service one very middle quality phek distance back, the bullet home country when revolving inside yet even trace of the paint seven which is clear disappears with non- packing and and and the France appearance buildings which are shabby, from that lower part roadside khey thu the mother and daughter of the outfit which is tattered sells the bread, the milk until the force which eats hour claw which it puts out saltily (manpower well!) the field, when only it is a foreign nation it sees, the war potential situation which is inferior the hand comes running with the lean leg and the obstacle young people of the crutch which protrudes (the as the ankle is cut in the land mine), the sun should have fallen being jet-black same night, rolls up. Far hwi hwang brilliant high class lake theyl that place also the color of a flame of the field is visible but the sky dignity palace is same as and it was a world which it picks. It is caused by with like this scenery, Phnom-Penh of inside memory inside now language like that ' is desolate, ' with ' it is sorry, ' it is to stay with that form. When encore (Angkor) even the ruins it is not in this country which annoys to if 20 year period or inside revolving, Cambodia does not come the Indochina insurgent probably from the as it is isolated completely literally to live the life of primitive times, when it goes, the map it does not know. Ancient times kingdom Khmer which is gorgeous (Khmer) the encore watt which symbolizes a motion picture is national pride interest ticket difference at the degree which will be to come to carve in the national flag of Cambodia. Dense forest inside kingcraft and encore by minimum present time symbol of this country other side the foreign currency which is most it saves the state economy which becomes impoverished positive full is becoming won. It is a reason, namely, now even at hour from the former world the tourists the old kingdom of Cambodia, in order for the water service person of Khmer to see an encore pour in this country and it is because is coming in. Certainly ancestor virtue thok thok it is a count which is report. Yearly it increases explosively and me for the tourists hour cancer which is a boundary gate of encore lip (Siam Reap) expanding the airport, it is a contiguity nation, thay development of the road which leads in the country and Vietnam and hwak, that necessity of recording where also the packing construction will go is augmented. Sequela of inside revolving The shoes industry which leads 70 years our country export for a competitive power security moved in Vietnam and should have gone already about ten becoming year, to recently it searches for the labor power cheap more and is preparing a Cambodia advance also the news to be audible, it is come. el From one friend there is talk which it listens to before E. It advances to Vietnam and while looking the production base whose one shoes manufacture company of our country which is successful is new in the Vietnam other than area in Phnom-Penh with invitation of investment custody dimension of the Cambodia government kass it wears out. In government bureaucracy and agreement end only tens 40 years conference factory sites simplicity or it is with a gratuitousness, to confront to be obvious is the government side in condition and it constructs the factory in the site to confront, hayss it wears out. The weed while advancing a multi factory construction plan in the plain which is overgrown it has ahead a site standstill construction and to the reef which forecast it cannot entirely it is caught, an advance plan it abandoned a talk finally c. It is that reef, and after the factory it does not see it was a land mine which is countlessly laid inside it does. Namely it will talk again, the land mine it will be an immediacy and will exceed the expense where the expense which it removes constructs the factory only knows that duration as well will reach which degree, ci it is because recognition there is not a water service which it will aim absolutely. < Cambodia national open pipe > - National life: Kingdom of Cambodia - Possibility: Phnom-Penh - Nine which is: 12000000 people (1999) - Country area: 181,040 sq km - Important export goods: The clothing it processes, the lumber, the rubber and the agriculture products (the bean and the sesame) - Human race composition: Khmer total 90%, Vietnam total 5%, Chinese total and other 5% - en e: Khmer (public terminology), France e - Per is: }gdp{: $267 (1998) Economic situation The economy of Cambodia 1994~1996 until year comparison provided a favorable growth. To that background with assistance of the foreign nation the free enterprises which it pushes the water wheat tus listened to with the economic reform which professes initial democracy electing which is executed at 1993 years and a free market and to the all other side, from 1998 years drop situation they hit. 1998 years political crisis, self-effacement it is a count where the economically until recently difficult condition is continued with the sharp decrease back of the agriculture production volume which the financial crisis which approaches, investment evasion and climate condition of the foreign nation enterprises is caused by with impure in Southeast Asia entire area. It is like that but the hope thing from 1999 years the place where the economy is little by little improved, it agriculture production field and clothing processing field is a wild possibility. The clothing processing field about starts our country specially and Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan, the place where the Singapore enterprise is augmenting an actual place investment it originates. Cambodia depending in the agriculture production where 45% of gross national product is 1st industry, is the typical that development nation where 80% of whole labor power engages to agriculture. With the data which guesses the economic level of this country rice production volume of the Southeast Asia important countries (per the unit area) it will be good to try to observe, tus it does. < Per unit area rice production volume > Country life Vietnam Philippine Islands thay Country Cambodia Rice production volume (million tons /ha) 3.2 2.7 2.1 1.64 * Yearbook 2000/Far Eastern Economic Review Together, the world-wide maximum rice export country it admitted from with the chart, thay the country, Vietnam, when the Filipino back and comparing, Cambodia different is the low water one actual condition. With seed development, irrigation water development, fertilizer supply and the insecticide use back falling behind of same engaging in agriculture technique that 1st enemy cause and, negative number case of Cambodia, the ratio where the person who makes farming is tenant farming 80% a whole hold is fact. The case which will not be support from if national dimension, that there is even worry which will fall down in the rice importing country it does. Construction infra view Cambodia to north Laos and thay the country, with southeast facing each other Vietnam and the border, The Mekong River flows in east inland, to the country center confronts vastly and and the lake, ton ley the shovel (Tonlesap) is to come to open. For the economic development of Cambodia it counts the hydroelectric power which uses The Mekong River with the mail boat enemy. Also the maximum harbor kham phong for the custody of the place foreign capital which is a cotton in the southwest piece end the city which it develops in the free trade zone poem Oh is nuke Bill. Water service Phnom-Penh it is second on a scale, it is a 2nd city When it tries to observe the infra present condition of the transportation side, with afterwords it is same. < Existing infra facility > - Railroad: 603km - Road: 35,769km (Packing: 4,165}km{/ Non- packing: 31,604km) \ - Waterway (canal): 3,700km - Important harbor: Kampong Saom (Sihanoukille), Kampot and Krong Kaoh Kong, Phnom-Penh - Airport facility: 20 places * Developmental project * Kirirom 1 68 years support lower part setting up of nine Yugoslavia and the dosage which is constructed 10Mw at the clothes of silk brocade hydropower plant with 70 year inside revolving development discontinuance, from 94 year maul bean commission propriety investigation and rehabilitation exploitation project drawing up, Sweden and the household head government each support a transmission of electricity and developmental facility portion, 98 years which it does but until currently it is a discontinuance condition in correction insecurity. * Composition thermoelectric power plant The D engineering of our country at 98 July the water column did a Cambodia maximum power plant construction construction in 60000000 non then height methods. This project the rain cone which is a Cambodia war potential company and a civil company of United States hil the company (Beacon Hill Associates) the back 50% the actual place joint work cider which invests. The composition thermoelectric power plant of 60 megawatts in developmental dosage is constructed in the water service Phnom-Penh stream and. The construction potential energy of Cambodia the approach currently for the tourist custody of the line encore ruins back, the airport, Hu theyl augments a construction and a war potential and agriculture productivity the multipurpose dam, and the poem for Oh nuke Bill the harbor of the same free trade zone provides, the factory site development back is accomplishing a main current. But the construction of like this infra facility one the agony distance where the actuality which does to depend together in foreign currency Cambodia is big most is thick. Future of Cambodia Cambodia the ASEAN (Southeast Asia confederation) joins to a last year and with tie of the area nations and it shows positive walking in cooperation. Now ' khil it relates with the war crimes justice of the ring field ' politically, pressure of the international society which begins U.N. (? Receiving, inside for the revenue source security for a poverty extirpation and an economic development a difficult time at the inside and and it pours out a restraint in tourist custody and and the induction of foreign capital it disperses it is going. Our interests regarding Cambodia yet thay compare in the country or Vietnam and it is the actual condition which relativy is meager. Because, Vietnam or thay with the labor power cheap even as only the country comparison it prepares well and position infra is strongly does not come until Cambodia is not to have the necessity which will tilt an interest. Case of Japan which a but us just is strong competitive relative country, positivity it was participating with a funds and the techical support back to also the encore watt ruins demobilization enterprise. In end, travel hour which passes advertisement < of the The Cambodia Daily > newspaper which it sees accidentally memory it is born. That advertisement < buy the life of three people with 5 dollars, /Save Three Lives for $5 > the international of the subject which is it put in a campaign. From 1997 years it is a contents of at this campaign which is started, namely, even with only the jar 5 dollar the formation mosquito net (the family) it supplied in the Cambodia farming village and from malaria the possibility of buying the life of one family it is it was a contents. ( the }http{: //www.cambodia.net/malaria ) Advertisement Cambodia difficult actuality it was positive and and it is giving, tus it did. It talks again, it is a foreign nation which searches for this place it comes with the curiosity which is elegant against an ancient times ruins encore, but actually the Cambodia person the self-conceit regarding like this ruins humblys refuse, a young life the farming village which is poor it buys too much in force it is uncontrollable fact... The tourists who come in flocks but from the world for a long time wound are Cambodia which it receives, pride the core it is incorrect to awaken without. It did so, phel lek like the national flag of Cambodia past 9~14 eulogized the maximum strong country of century light Southeast Asia ' encore ', the song of the resurrection which is that majesty to be audible, it tries to expect an unyielding spirit. < Reference data > 1. Combodia/Asia 2000 Year Book / Far Easrern Economic Review 2. Cambodia, war potential development view / }http{: //www.icak.or.kr 3. }http{: //www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/cb.html 4. 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