Cerussite, a copper carbonate


before and after, coming and going

Oostdam Tour of Namibia, February 21/2, 1998

Cerussite, a copper carbonate

Along the road, two main producers
of the greenhouse gas methane:
cows and termites!

We stayed all by ourselves in a
pleasant room in the Etosha Biergarten

The once famous Tsumeb
copper mines closed in 1997
which causes some problems
Tsumeb seemed mainly past glory.
We had a good Portuguese dinner
and met some U.S. teachers.
The next day, we found the Internet Club...closed, but I left a message for
the very helpful manager, Chad
We drove past green mountains under
glorious cloud parties through places after
my heart, all starting with the letter "O":
Otavi, Ororuru, Otjiwarango , Okakarara
After several adventures and stops, we
arrived at Waterberg just before 15:00

Petrus Kasupi selling set of furniture for N$3,250

Good to see some colorfull scenes but also fresh rain ...

... at the Oostweg in Otjiwarongo!
BLO fecit 990125...Cerussite, a copper carbonate This is a Tsumeb specimen of Cerussite, a copper carbonate. ...to return to Namibia Tour Index
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