Upington is an attractive but hot city strategically located on the banks of southern Africa's most important river: the ORANGE RIVER. Because of intensive irrigation, vineyards along the banks of the Orange account for almost 10% of the total S.African wine production. Another considerable source of income is dried fruit. Until January 1998, the road through Upington was practically the sole main entrance to Namibia, but with the completion of the tarred Trans Kalahari Highway the road to Windhoek from the East was shortened by some 400 kms. Undoubtedly, this will cause competition and losses, but still many tourists will use Upington as a gateway to southern Namibia and Botswana and their attractions: the Fish River Canyon, Aughrabies Falls and the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park.

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The photographs below were taken at the Eiland Campsite
which is conveniently positioned along the highway
passing over an island in the Orange River.
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