LINKS about World War 2 in Holland

The Netherlands in World War II
A Bibliography compiled by Anthony Anderson
A Forgotten Chapter: Holland Under the Third Reich
22 pages as background for 1995 Lecture by Anthony Anderson
Selected Biography: Netherlands, WWII
USAMHI Netherlands
De tweede wereldoorlog
Dutch Marines (in Dutch)
Dutch Radio During the Second World War
9 wavefiles recorded in 5.4KHz (Radiostyle)
Fall of France and the Low Countries
Stone and Stone Second World War Books
Photograph of Canadian tank in front of Amsterdam Olympic Stadium
and ticket for the 1945 Youth Liberation Festival
please use your back-button to return from viewing this link Following are three pages of the final issue (May 10, 1945) of the air-dropped "Vliegende Hollander" (Flying Dutchman):
unfortunately, the text on these pages is rather illegible (and not only because it is in Dutch ;o)

page 1 - page 2 -
page 3
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