Below is a page from my disintegrating photoalbum
showing the neigborhood of our house at 16 Mr. Rendorplaan:
(Captions are given below the page, contrariwise)

(top left) : The tower of Bovenkerk, a small village just south of Amstelveen also lying on "De Poel". This was a small lake formed centuries ago by people digging for peat, which at that time was dried and then used for fuel. We used to canoe or sail on this lake and sometimes even swam in it, not always voluntarily.

(bottom left) : The Bosplan, now the Amsterdam Forest or Woods, which was under development at that time. Together with my friends in various clubs, I spent many days scouting and exploring in this exciting place.
(top right) : The small park "De Braak" in which the Jac.P.Thijsse Group of the Boy Scouts had their cabin. In the background, the spire of the Paulus Church at the end of the Mr. Rendorplaan. During the war, an ugly lookout tower replaced the spire.

(bottom right) : View from our roof-window showing the Mr. Rendorplaan. The furthest house was owned by one of the famous Dutch actors "Snip and Snap". He lived on the corner of the Charlotte van Montpensier Lane, which featured an elongated central pond stocked with goldfish.

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