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Bernard Lodewijk Oostdam (BEN)
169 Slackwater Road
Millersville PA 175510, USA

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Abbreviated Resume

born 1932, Amsterdam, Holland
Hervormd Lyceum (Grammar School Beta), Amsterdam, 1944-1950
Royal Netherlands Naval Academy, Den Helder, 1950-1952
National Commercial Bank, Amsterdam, 1952-1954, Bangkok, Thailand, 1954-1957
McGill University, Hon.Geol.Sci., Montreal, Canada, 1957-1960
Scripps Instit.Oceanography, Mar.Geology, La Jolla, Calif., 1960-1964
    Univ.Hawaii, Beach Processes, 1962, Coral Reef Growth, 1963
Ocean Science & Engineering, Supv.Staff Geol.,Capetown, S.A.,1963-1965
Texas Instruments, Oceanographer/Engineer, Portugal-Azores, 1966
professor of Oceanography, Millersville University, PA, 1966-1997
    Managing Director, ESRA, 1967-1974, 1990-1998
    President, The Marine Science Consortium, PA, DE, VA, 1968-1976
Univ.of Delaware, Newark, DE, Ph.D. Geology, 1968-1971      
    Envir.Awareness Program Mgr, PA, DE, WV, Wash., 1970-1976 
    Supt.R.V."Annandale" Operations, NASA, VA, 1971-1976   
    PA Repres. and Chair, IDRES, Philadelphia, PA, 1972-1976
    Project Man., Phila Sewage Sludge Disposal Cruises, PA, 1972-1976
    Director of three Marine Science Centers: 
       Delaware Bay MSC, 1968-1972, Lake Erie MSC, 1973-1976,
       Wallops Island MSC, 1970-1976
    Senior Researcher/ Director Mar.Pol., KISR, Kuwait, 1976-1978
    UNDP MarGeo&Coastal Eng.Expert, IMA, Trinidad & Tobago, 1980-1982
    PI, Toxic Substances USVI Coastal Waters, 1986   
    Guest Lecturer, Instit.Coastal & Estuarine Studies, Shanghai, 1987
    USIA AMPART, Barbados, Dominica, Syria, N.Z., 1988
    Caribbean Fieldcourses, Trin.& Tobago, 1991, Jamaica, 1992
    Webmaster, Caribbean Coastal Studies, 1995-1998
    Webmaster, Envir.Hazards & Emergency Mgmt, 1996-1998
Prof.of Oceanography Emeritus, 1997-1998
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Oostdam's Websites:

Because of the sudden closure of the Millersville University
websites in November, 1998, some of these links are inactive
and sites will have to be reconstructed.
My apologies for the inconvenience!

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Caribbean Coastal Studies under reconstruction, 1999
Columbus Bay, Trinidad
Environment Jamaica under construction
1996 SCCNH-Abstracts on Montserrat..redone 981231
Trinidad and Tobago started revision 990101
U.S.Virgin Islands, Toxic Substances, 1986 started revision 990102
Environmental Science Research Associates (1995)
Environmental Hazards & Emergency Management (1996)
Dutch Delta, 1971..reorganized 990103 BLOSR 90th
Some Links about NAMIBIA (1997)..reorganized 9901
Sewage Sludge Issues (1997) reorganized Jan.1999
Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument (1997)
Touring Namibia (1998)
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Ben Oostdam's Autobiography (1998)
Web Site of my Grandson, Paul Bernard Slaugh (1998)

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