Ben Oostdam's Autobiography

as per May 31, 2006


1 (06p) - CONTENTS 1932-1945: My first seven years (1932-39); My "war-years", WW2 (1940-45)
2 (11p) - CONTENTS 1946-1950: Amstelveen; Hervormd Lyceum; Boy Scouts; Bike-tour to France (summer 1950): KIM (Royal Netherlands Naval Academy); cruise Mediterranean (Dec.1950)
3 (13p) - CONTENTS 1950-1952: KIM (Royal Netherlands Naval Academy): 1951; cruise to New Guinea (1952)
4 (15p) - CONTENTS 1952-1954: Nationale Handelsbank; my boats; Lony, engagement, vacation Zeeland; to Bangkok (1954)

5 (16p) - CONTENTS 1954-1955: Bangkok, Dutch Bank,Nakorn Pathong, Ayudhya, Nakorn Nayok, Petchaburi, Paknam, Kanchanaburi, Kao Yai, ChaChoengSao, Menam, HONGKONG, KOWLOON
6 (24p) - CONTENTS 1956 : Kanchanaburi with Rudi Klerekoper, Tasau, ChaChoengSao, Cynthia and Charles, Ayudhya, Nam Tok Salika, Samud Sakorn;
6a (55p) - Tour by jeep through THAILAND, CAMBODJA and VIETNAM
7 (12p) - CONTENTS 1957: Petchaburi & Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi again, Saraburi & Lopburi, Sukothai, miscellanea

8 (21p) - CONTENTS 1957-1958: : depart Bangkok for Holland, England, CANADA : McGill University, Montreal, USA visits, NSBC job, hitchhiking across Canada to British Columbia and back, BC jobs
9 (22p) - CONTENTS 1958-1959: McGill University, acad. year 1958-59, Ken Davis c.s., summerjob at Consol. Zinc, Bathurst, N.B.,hitchhiking across NB, NS, PEI and Newfoundland; visit to St.Pierre and Miquelon (FRANCE)
10 (12p) - CONTENTS 1959-1960: McGill University, acad. year 1959-60, summer fellow WHOI, "CHAIN 13" to FINLAND; HOLLAND/Rijkswaterstaat with Zeiglers; with jeep and Dorothy P. across USA to SIO, La Jolla, CA

11 (26) - CONTENTS 1960-1961: Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA: students, courses, profs, projects, CUSS I, Punta Banda, Cruise to Cabo San Lucas, social life, JAPAN, Kyoto, JAPANYON Expedition, the Shepards, Kamakura, Mount Fuji, Nikko, amahs off Onjuku, MATS to Hawaii
12 (22p) - CONTENTS 1962: Seafloor Spreading, Menard, Dietz, Hess, Transform Faults, Raitt, Mantle Convection, MORs, Holmes, Vening Meinesz, Field; symmetry, offscraping, subduction zones, SCUBA dives off La Jolla, SIO and La Jolla Canyons, abalone, moray, shark,squid, turbidity current; HAWAII II, Shepard, Veeh, Moberly, HIG, Cox,
12a (9p) - 2002 update on individual islands
13 (23p) -
CONTENTS 1963a: Return to Hawaii, problems with project proposal, professors, cars and trailers; return to Maui: Black Coral diving with Rick Grigg, La Perouse Bay, Jason, Paul Hoffmeister; marriage to Rose Peterson
14 (24) - CONTENTS 1963b: Honeymoon Phase I: Maui, Phase II: Honolulu-Amsterdam; Phase III: HOLLAND ; incl.Amsterdam canals; phase IV: Heidelberg, Soultz, Orange, Avignon, Marseille, Monaco, Genoa, TOUR LOG; Rapallo, La Spezia, Pisa, Florence, Lake Vico, VATICAN, Rome, Pompeji, Taranto, Brindisi
15 (24) - CONTENTS 1963c: Corfu, Ithaca, Patras, Pyraeus, Athens, Peleponesos, Thebes, Delphi, Marathon: 11th International Jamboree, Bari, San Marino, Venice, Innsbruck, Liechtenstein, Zurich, Nancy, Metz, Luxembourg, Clervaux, Remouchamps, Liege, 's Hertogenbosch, Zaltbommel, Amstelveen
16 (09p) - CONTENTS 1963d: Washington call re S. Africa; Den Haag, Brielle, Hellevoetsluis, Rijswijk, London, Los Angeles, La Jolla, Rose to Hawaii,rewrite Report, discussions with Inman, Shepard, Goldberg, McGowan; Soutar, d'Anglejean, Veeh.
17 (19p) - CONTENTS 1963e: Long Beach, CA: Craig's Shipyard, "Rockeater"Bascom, Stephansen, Lampietti, beach proposal and preliminary tests, gopher, Captain Cook, back to La Jolla, committee meeting; Long Beach to Washington:OSE, New York, Dakar, Johannesburg : Anglo-American meetings; Capetown: more meetings; Oranjemund: even more ... construction/tests of surf-crawler, suction pipe carriage,flight along coast to Luderitz;Affenrucken: lobsters
17a (03p) - 1963 - 1965: {separate pages) Ocean Science & Engineering, S.A.: Diamonds from the Sea
18 (21p) - CONTENTS 1964a: Capetown, "Diamantkus" heads for Chamais Bay; Sparker survey aboard "Xhosa Coast"; arrival Erik Stephansen for Beach Prospecting Project; Messrs Brown, Bascom, Borchers, Sammy Collins, Desmond O'Shea; Drs.Waters, Murray, Brock, Wright, Fuller, Simpson, Smith; flight to Walvis Bay with Bascoms; "Xhosa Coast" on Tidal Concession; south of Orange River, Capetown, Captain Cook, Divers Party; "Xhosa Coast" long lines, loss of Joe Wright, search; hiring Peter Lamming, Robin Harvey; met Chris Chait, Maxi van Dijk, Piet van Zyl; Geology Lab, Rose re birth of our son Dan
19 (29p) - CONTENTS 1964b: UN 1948 Geneva Convention, Llandadno, Fishhoek, farewell to Kay Wright; apartment with Chris; immigration, divorce proceedings, Dr. Louis Murray; Rita; "Rockeater" 's first cruise: ADK/Chamais Bay; Socrates Vartsos: first diamond April 27= 0,24 carats, Panther Head; "Collinsea" to Luderitz; Denise Cristie, Robbin Harvey , Rita Shipley, Mercia Louw, "Rockeater" Cruise 2, May/June ; Durban, Wright Inquest, Johannesburg meetings with Anglo, Sichel; Klipbok: Lister, Erlanger, LeRoux, Rolly Thompson, ; Dr Rakestraw, Indian Ocean Cgrs, Robert Dietz, Hoffman, Sammy Collins, Possession Island, man over board, Luderitz, CDM, gullies, wedding to Mercia Louw, August 29.
20 (90 p) - CONTENTS 1964c: Post-nuptials, evaluations, mining factor, coning problem; discussions in Jo'burg with Anglo American, DeBeers ,Tidal and Veedol; Stephansens, Roy Heath and Roy Dohne; recruiting Dutch staff; Rockeater Cruise VIII and large sample tests; sailfish, beaches and braaivleis at Zeekoeivlei, Cape Point, Simonstown, Cape Hangklip and Melkboschstrand; "Klipbok", Luderitz, George Erlanger, Pierre Leroux; dives: Willie, BLO, Rolly Thompson, Eric Barlow; Vibrocorer tests, Jack Mardesich, Harold Keen; Mr. Field, cinematographer, Dawn, Mrs Taylor, parties, Dave Smith; Tidal VP's, Sichel, Fuller, Drs. Guest and Gane; Fish River Gorge, Alexander Bay, Freemasons party; "Emerson K", VEMA, Allan Heydorn, lobsters galore
21 (xx p) - CONTENTS 1964d + 1965: more to follow d.v.
(18p) - 1966 - 1976: The Marine Science Consortium, PA, DE, VA ; Millersville University
1976 - 1978: KISR, Kuwait - - -
1977 European Shipyards Tour
European Shipyards Tour, 1977, intro - France - Germany - Sweden- Norway -United Kingdom
more to follow
(05p) - 1978 Tour of Africa, Asia, Pacific: - - - more under construction
(09p) - Indonesia, 1978
1980 - 1982: UNDP - IMA, Trinidad and Tobago - - - to follow
(58p)- 1983: China Tour with Pacific Delight Tours: Changjiang Canyons, etc.

1986: Virgin Islands :
(08p) - Toxic Substances in the Coastal Environment- - - more to follow
(7+p) - 1988: Indonesia
1988: China : Guest lecturer on Estuaries at East China Normal University, Shanghai - - -to follow

(01p) - Lecture Tour:
Barbados, Dominica, Syria, New Zealand
- - -more to follow

(03p) - 1990: NSF Workshop, San Diego

(06p) - Memories of a dozen years ago: MU1991/2

Caribbean Coastal Studies - 1995 - 2000
"Environmental Hazards and Emergency Management," started 1995,
discontinued by MU 1998; taken over by Hank Fisher around 2002

(1997, May: retirement from Millersville University (1966-1997)
and appointed Professor Emeritus)

(~15p) - 1998: Touring Namibia with Mercia

(76p) - 1999/2000: Y2K Tour of Indonesia with Paul Billeter - Sulawesi, Bali, Java

(11p) - 2000: HOLLAND 2000: KIM 50th Reunion, Den Helder; Amsterdam, Middelburg Z.H., Leiden, Reeuwijk, Venlo, Zutphen, Eindhoven, Utrecht

(~65p) - 1997-2005: Pennsylvania Sludge Issues
(315p) - 1999: Sludge Victims by ESRA - for Helane Shields

(01p) - 1998-2000: Novembers' status of Strawbale Pavilion

(27p) - 2001 - 2 Tour of RWANDA, Kenya and Holland, including presenting workshop at
National University of Rwanda, Butare with Paul Billeter, Rick Millis and Eugene Kaplan

(12p) - 2003 TOUR of GREECE

(24p) - 2004 TOUR of SOUTH AFRICA

(33p) - 2004 TOUR of IRELAND

(90p) -
(ccp) - 2005 HOLLAND TOUR

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