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Truus Oostdam-Boelsma

(Mother of Bernard Lodewijk Oostdam)

My Mother and her Father:

My Mother, her Brother and her Mother:

Boelsma Family, including my Great-Grandparents:

Bernardus Laurentius Oostdam

(Father of Bernard Lodewijk Oostdam)

My Father and his Parents:

My Father as a Boy:

My Father as a Man:

Ben Oostdam's Websites and Autobiography

Ben Oostdam's Web Site:

Index of Ben Oostdam's Websites:

Thumbnails of "old" picts of BLO, family and friends (say before 1990)

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

Web Site about my Son, Ben Oostdam Jr.

starting with: Ben Oostdam Jr.: A Dozen Photographs, 1965 - 1981:

Web Site about my Daughter, Erika Slaugh-Oostdam

starting with: Erika Slaugh: A Set of Photographs, 1967 - 1998:

Page about my Son In Law, Gregory P. Slaugh:

Greg Slaugh: A Dozen Miniature Portraits, 1963 - 1998:

Web Site of my Grandchildren:

Web Site of The Three Slaugh Kids
with references to Paul's website (63 pages) and Lexa's (51 pages);
their sites were "consolidated" at the birth of Parker, on Jan.16, 2001

The double link between the:

Oostdam- and Deijs Families

Web Site of my cousin:

Liek Rijks-Deijs

Preliminary Page about the Family of:

Piet Deijs and Martha Deijs-Oostdam

(my father's eldest sister)

updated through September 3, 2001