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Bernard Lodewijk Oostdam (BEN)
169 Slackwater Road
Millersville PA 175510, USA

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Abbreviated Resume

born 1932, Amsterdam, Holland
Hervormd Lyceum (Grammar School Beta), Amsterdam, 1944-1950
Royal Netherlands Naval Academy, Den Helder, 1950-1952
National Commercial Bank, Amsterdam, 1952-1954, Bangkok, Thailand, 1954-1957
McGill University, Hon.Geol.Sci., Montreal, Canada, 1957-1960
Scripps Instit.Oceanography, Mar.Geology, La Jolla, Calif., 1960-1964
    Univ.Hawaii, Beach Processes, 1962, Coral Reef Growth, 1963
Ocean Science & Engineering, Supv.Staff Geol.,Capetown, S.A.,1963-1965
Texas Instruments, Oceanographer/Engineer, Portugal-Azores, 1966
professor of Oceanography, Millersville University, PA, 1966-1997
    Managing Director, ESRA, 1967-1974, 1990-1998
    President, The Marine Science Consortium, PA, DE, VA, 1968-1976
Univ.of Delaware, Newark, DE, Ph.D. Geology, 1968-1971      
    Envir.Awareness Program Mgr, PA, DE, WV, Wash., 1970-1976 
    Supt.R.V."Annandale" Operations, NASA, VA, 1971-1976   
    PA Repres. and Chair, IDRES, Philadelphia, PA, 1972-1976
    Project Man., Phila Sewage Sludge Disposal Cruises, PA, 1972-1976
    Director of three Marine Science Centers: 
       Delaware Bay MSC, 1968-1972, Lake Erie MSC, 1973-1976,
       Wallops Island MSC, 1970-1976
    Senior Researcher/ Director Mar.Pol., KISR, Kuwait, 1976-1978
    UNDP MarGeo&Coastal Eng.Expert, IMA, Trinidad & Tobago, 1980-1982
    PI, Toxic Substances USVI Coastal Waters, 1986   
    Guest Lecturer, Instit.Coastal & Estuarine Studies, Shanghai, 1987
    USIA AMPART, Barbados, Dominica, Syria, N.Z., 1988
    Caribbean Fieldcourses, Trin.& Tobago, 1991, Jamaica, 1992
    Webmaster, Caribbean Coastal Studies, 1995-1998
    Webmaster, Envir.Hazards & Emergency Mgmt, 1996-1998
Prof.of Oceanography Emeritus, 1997-2006
Webmaster of various websites
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